Our Mission: To Inspire and Empower NU Students Interested in Business

Companies are making hiring decisions for key summer internship roles earlier than ever before, especially in competitive fields like banking, finance and consulting. Sophomore year has become a critical time for students to gain knowledge of these industries and exposure to their recruiting practices, as interviews for many opportunities take place in the fall term of their junior year. The Business Boot Camp, in collaboration with the Harvey Kapnick Center for Business Institutions and Northwestern Career Advancement, is a program designed to accelerate student learning about the modern business world and strengthen student preparedness.

  • Understand Different Career Paths – gain exposure to roles in consulting, banking, entrepreneurship, and finance through real-world case studies in small groups facilitated by established alumni
  • Develop Practical Business Skills – learn the fundamentals of accounting, finance and strategy through a series of alumni led videos and exercises
  • Network with Established Alumni – connect with savvy veterans for practical real-world perspectives, advice and mentorship

Registration opens November 1, 2017 for this upcoming Winter 2018 Boot Camp, which involves 3 weeknight sessions in January culminating with an afternoon at The Garage (Saturday, February 3rd) with students and alumni walking through several real-world business case studies in small teams.

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