Student Feedback / Testimonials

Student Feedback from Fall 2018 Business Boot Camp

  • The Boot Camp taught me the differences between the many fields in business. I learned to sort different jobs by their similarities and differences, and it helped clarify what I want in a job.
  • I am so grateful that this opportunity was offered to us students. It tremendously helped me in every way possible. Coming in to the seminar I knew that I wanted to go into a field in the business world but was unsure of what each field would look like nor knew the nuts and bolts of each sector. By the end of the Boot Camp I feel as though I have found my passion for private equity and consulting and am able to cater my studies and path to my future to a desired outcome! I feel as though I was given insight into real world business experience and am so excited to enter the business world now!
  • I was able to learn and evaluate what many areas of business are, such as investment banking, consulting, and private equity. I was introduced to the different types of data that I may see on an analytics or excel spreadsheet in these types of work. I can now take what I have learned and further develop my understanding of the areas to start a path that I am passionate about.
  • I got a much better understanding of what an investment banking analyst does on a day to day basis. Moreover, I was able to connect with several phenomenal alumni who I look forward to keeping in contact with!
  • The Boot Camp gave me the big picture about how all of these professions interact! Before the session, I knew about each profession in a bubble, but tying everything together was incredible.
  • I really liked that the panel asked questions for themselves. I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I loved the structure of the Boot Camp because I learn through doing, and the role-playing made things clear. Thank you so much! It was super super helpful!
  • Thank you for putting on such an informative and exciting event, I am so grateful for the opportunity!
  • The Boot Camp was extremely valuable for me.
  • It was definitely well worth it for a freshman undergraduate that had no idea or exposure of any of the concentrations of a business career.
  • I got so much out of Boot Camp. It really helped me further my thinking about these industries and feel more at ease in the midst of these early recruitment deadlines. I thought the agenda was perfect: in terms of length and content. If I can be of any help as you market the program next year, please let me know.
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