Our Goal: To Help NU Students Understand Career Launch Points in Consulting, Investment Banking, Finance, Private Equity and Entrepreneurship.

Companies are making hiring decisions for key summer internship roles earlier than ever before, especially in competitive fields like banking, finance and consulting. Sophomore year has become a critical time for students to gain knowledge of these industries and exposure to their recruiting practices, as interviews for many opportunities take place in the fall term of their junior year, and some earlier. The Business Boot Camp, in collaboration with the Harvey Kapnick Center for Business Institutions and Northwestern Career Advancement, is a program designed to accelerate student learning about the practical business world and strengthen student preparedness.

  • Understand Different Career Paths – gain exposure to roles in consulting, banking, entrepreneurship, and finance through real-world business case discussions facilitated by established alumni
  • Develop Practical Business Skills – learn the fundamentals of accounting, finance and strategy through a series of alumni led videos and exercises
  • Network with Established Alumni – connect with savvy veterans for practical real-world perspectives, advice and mentorship

Past participants have found that the Boot Camp is particularly helpful to those students evaluating investment banking and/or consulting, though the fundamental concepts covered are helpful in preparing for most business career paths.

Registration opens September 25th for this upcoming Fall 2019 Boot Camp.

Business Boot Camp involves a Wednesday night session, October 30th (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm), to prepare you for a Saturday session with alumni, November 2nd (10 am – 3 pm). Both sessions will be held at 555 Clark St., #B01.

The Saturday Boot Camp includes three components:

  • 10am-11:45am — Interactive Case Study Part 1: An Entrepreneur engages an Investment Banker to consider raising capital or selling their company to a Private Equity Investor
  • 12pm-1pm — Alumni Panel Discussion Over Catered Lunch: a group of alumni with backgrounds in consulting, banking, investing, and industry will discuss different career paths and answer your questions
  • 1:15pm-3pm — Interactive Case Study Part 2: The Private Equity Investor Engages a Strategic Consultant to evaluate the growth strategy for the company they invested in during the morning session

Each of the roles in the interactive case studies will be played by an experienced alum who will engage you in discussions around how they think through the issues while showcasing the financial and analytic models and frameworks used by professionals in these arenas.


In addition to exposure to these concepts, you will be given detailed reference materials related to accounting, finance and strategy for further study and self-practice.








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